Hydrophones & streamers

SIG has developped its own hydrophone elements to mount into the streamers, and make high resolution arrays to work with sparker and boomer systems.

SIG 16 streamer
SIG 16 streamer
  •  Acceleration cancelling hydrophones
  •  environmentally friendly, filled with inert oil, no kerosene, no special shipping requirements
  •  modular arrays, interchangeable sections
  •  easily replaceable preamplifier in head compartment
  •  selectable modular gain (X20, 40, 80, 120)
  •  immersion adjusting air valve


The SIG 16 hydrophone streamers have small diameters of 31 mm, with a density of 1.05 on standard. The poluyrethane tubing keeps the section flexible over the years.


The configuration of the hydrophone arrays are customized, according to the needs of the geophysicists.



SIG 16 Streamers for high resolution seismics
The SIG 16 are designed for air guns, water guns, sparkers, or boomers geophysical applications
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