Boomer or chirp sub-bottom profilers

Combine the solutions !

Single-pass acquisition with synchronization

It is possible to acquire simultaneously data from the seismic source (sparker or boomer energy sources) and the chirp sound source. The different frequency range of the chirps, which are available on a wide range between 500 Hz to 40 kHz will complete the exploration. With the higher frequencies, the resolution is improved, revealing the fine layers.


 Use a combination of instruments to make profit of the survey.

courtesy of Meridata, Finland, and SALT Ambiental Sao Paulo, Brazil
same profile vue with different frequency sound source

Oy Meridata Finland is specialized in the multi-frequency multi-mode acoustic systems. MDCS data acquisition systems allow the simultaneous recording of all the sound sources, without the interference between of the acoustic sub-systems.


With the latest generation dual-bands chirps, operating on frequency bands 2-9KHz, 10-20KHz, and 20-40KHz, and the boomer at 700-2000Hz, the broad range of frequencies allows the resolution and the penetration in the bedrock. 


And not only simultaneous acquisition of pinger, chirp, boomer and sparker or side-scan sonar, with Meridata's postprocessing solution, it is also possible to do a concurrent parallel processing and interpretation for all of these.

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