Hydrophone antennae

small diameter antenna

Hydrophone antennae are high resolution arrays of passive hydrophones.

The frequency band can be adjusted to the customers' requirements, typical 1 Hz to 100 kHz.

External diameter is reduced to 31 mm.

Antennae are lightweight with a small length to be deployed and recovered easily by a single person.

Vertical antenna MULTHY by RTSYS

Product developped by RTSYS, the MULTHY is a vertical antenna composed of 16 hydrophones connected to an underwater acoustic recorder called EA-SDA416. It is able to acquire high resolution arrays of passive hydrophones. 

The performances and flexibilities make the EA-SDA416 recorder a perfect platform for Research & Development of innovative technics and complex underwater acoustic sensors.

The recorder can acquire sound from 1 Hz to 60 kHz, with a fully configurable sampling frequency up to 120 kHz. The hydrophone antenna and beamforming processing offer important antenna gain allowing certain listening directions. 

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