SIG France is located in Bouvron.


60 minutes from Nantes Intl airport,

40 minutes from St-Nazaire (on the west coast of France).


The company is established since 1982, on a site of 5.000 m2 (12 acres). 

SIG France multi-activities

 The company is organized in 2 separate activities :



SIG France history

S.I.G. stands for Services and Instuments of Geophysique.

The company was founded in 1970 by an electronical engineer.

Originally SIG was a manufacturer of seismic equipments.

In 1978 the company became a geophysical survey company, with, its own oceanographical vessel : Le Hourtin II.

Geophysical equipments, like sparkers, have been manufactured to equip the ship and the various survey teams.
In the mid-80’s the survey activity declined, but the seismic equipment manufacture has developed, and SIG has started to be recognized by customers, who since have been consistent through the years.
In 1991 the company has been taken over by geologists. The manufacturing activity has been dynamized, the equipments which had been made for more than 30 years have been updated and upgraded to the new technological standards.