Multi-channel streamers

Increase the signal/noise ratio of the seimic records with the multi-channel coverage. Our multi-channel streamers are dedicated to HR and UHR seismics, with short hydros spacings and group intervals, all customizable.

12-channel seismic streamer
  • Single to 24ch in analog, unlimited in digital
  • Group spacing from 1 to 12.50 m
  • Hydro spacing from 0.2 to 1 m
  • small diameters 31 mm and 41 mm 
  • Environment friendly with inert oil ballast
  • Easy deployment by hand or small winch
  • No export licence on SIG16

The MCsps is the amplifier-filter deck unit of the multi-channel streamers. It interfaces the multi-channel streamer to any third party recording system, and provides power supply for the preamplifier located either in head of the section, or in each of the channel inside the section. The unit has built-in high quality analogue frequency filters and selectable analogue gains.

  • 9 amplification gains can be selected from 0 dB to 16 dB
  • 4 high-pass filters for low cut-off frequency of the noise.
Multi-channel seismic streamers
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