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Hand portable sparker systems
Hand portable sparker systems


All the marine seismic equipments we manufacture are available for rent.

With over 50 years of experience, no other one could know the sparkers, energy sources or streamers, better then us !

Following equipments are available :

  • complete systems sparker S1 and M2
  • boomer 300J
  • analog streamers 8 hydrophones, single and dual channels
  • Digital streamer 12-channel with data acquisition unit and software



SIG Pulse M2 : 100 to 2000 joules energy source

Intuitive and safe for the new generation of sparker
Intuitive and safe for the new generation of sparker

The new generation of energy source for sparker and and boomer.

From users feedback this power supply is very easy to use and also very safe.

  • SIG Pulse M2 sparker/boomer energy source
    • 100 to 2000 joules
    • generator required 3.7 kVA rated 16 A minimum
    • shipping info 80x80x60 cm, 66 kg
  • Sparker-electrode cable : 70 m
  • Streamer SIG with 60 cable

Sparker/boomer 20-300 joules

for shallow coastal surveys and inland surveys

SIG Pulse S1


The complete sparker system for coastal surveys, aggregate resource assessments, or seismic investigations on wind farms :

  • SIG Pulse S1 sparker/boomer energy source
    • 20-300 joules
    • generator requirements 3.7 kVA
    • shipping info : 70 x 70 x 40 cm, 50 kg
  • Sparker-electrode cable
  • Streamer SIG 16.8.5 with 50 m cable
boomer plate on SIG catamaran

This small sub-bottom profiler is ideal for ports and harbour surveys, subbottom investigations of rivers and canals :

  • Boomer plate with 50 m cable on catamaran
    • shipping info : PEHD 120 x 100 x 80 cm, 80 kg 

LASCA Data acquisition

for SIG 16 streamers

BAS1 data acquisition and streamer power supply

LASCA data acquisition software, installed on portable PC

Dedicated to SIG16 analog streamers.

The BAS1 interface unit is a combination of the streamer power supply with a A/D data acquisition unit.

LASCA acquisition software for SIG 16 streamers
The LASCA software provides the basic tools of data acquisition and drives the interface box dedicated to the SIG 16 analog streamers.
Specs LASCA data sheet.pdf
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