SIG France - Manufacturer of seismic equipments

For sub-bottom profiling and multi-channel analysis

Manufacturer of marine seismic instruments since 1970, we design and develop sound-sources and acoustic arrays. You can count on our expertise in seismic data acquisition, and our long experience in high voltage energy sources.

Sparker seismic profile in the Tyrrhenian sea, courtesy V. Gaullier, LOG Univ. of  Lilles
Sparker seismic profile in the Tyrrhenian sea, courtesy V. Gaullier, LOG Univ. of Lilles


The sub-bottom profiling instruments are among the tools of marine investigations, available to geophysicists to analyse the seabed, and study the subbottom stratigraphy of marine deposits.

 Main advantages and uses :

  • continuous mapping of the sub-bottom sediment layers
  • top bedrock detection
  • pipeline detections

In the oceanographic seismics researches, sparker and boomer profiles give high resolution images of oceanic structures and water column.

  • water column analysis

 It is a cost effective method in seabed research programs and civil planning works. Seismic surveys can cover a wide area. Correlation with sea-bed determination can be then done ponctually by drilling methods.


The marine seismic instruments of SIG France are recognized worldwide by

  • marine institutes,
  • national geological surveys,
  • universities geoscience departments, 
  • offshore geophysical survey companies,
  • oceanographic research institutes. 



Customer support

SIG France has been offering the best service to customers for decades now.

The company has expertise in high voltage electronics, as well as dynamics of acoustic signal.

The reliability of the seismic instruments and the quality of the customer support have been proven over more than 50 years of activity.


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