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Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

Santos, Italo Dantas, 2018, Investigaçao de vales soterrados na plataforma continental do RN utilizando sismica de alta resoluçao (sistema boomer).


"Seismic data were collected using a Boomer-type seismic source operating at 300J on the continental shelf of the Potiguar Basin near the municipality of Macau-RN, Brazil.

Two incised valleys were identified one whose maximum incision depth reaches 56 meters and the filling thickness is around 26.5 meters; and the second valley with maximum depth of incision reaching 76 meters, and filling thickness around 41 meters."

may 2018

Shanghai Shenfeng Institute

Exceptionnal sediments penetration for SIG boomer

The Shanghai Shenfeng Institute of Novel Geological Techniques Co. Ltd has taken possession of their new boomer SIG Pulse M2, and reported the first tests on the Yangtze River. Exceptionnal penetration at 90 ms TWT, even in the very shallow zone of 5 m water depth. The boomer was operated from a barge-type boat. The size of the system allows the operation from such small vessels. Training and tests at sea have been performed by the technical staff of Geo Marine Technology Ltd, Chinese agent for SIG France since 2007.

The Shenfeng Institute has a main business in applied geophysics : like seismic prospecting for oil and gas, minerals, active faults investigations, river bottoms subsidence, integrated geophysical survey for site or route of major construction projects on land and water, etc...

Jan. 2018



Univ. of Lille LOG

Seismic risk assessments in the English Channel

The laboratory of Oceanology and Geosciences (LOG) of Lille 1 university of Sciences and Technology is setting up a new marine technical platform for the teaching and research activities. Understanding the relationships between tectonics, sedimentation, and erosion, in the sedimentary basins and continental margins of northern France are becoming essential for the seismic risk assessments of this region.



Sparker success in a difficult geological environment

Last december, the China University of Geosciences, located in Wuhan, has taken acceptance of their SIG sparker system. The tests have been conducted by Laurel Marine Instruments Ltd, representing SIG France in China, out of Jianxing, Zhejiang Province.

"The geological environment of the area was very complicated, and difficult to penetrate" has reported Laurel, but the sea trials have been very successful and the customer was very satisfied of the results obtained. The seafloor was consolidated silt, and a second layer of gravel made the penetration difficult. But the reflection of the basement was achieved.

The equipment is a 6000 joules sparker SIG Pulse L5 and a single-channel streamer.

Jan. 2017