Shallow water geophysics in Brazil

"It is just shallow water geophysics for the team of Instituto de Pesquisas de Tecnologicas and Dr Luis Antonia Pereira de Sousa.

Taiaçupeba Lake - Suzano, Sao Paulo with 2 to 7 m depth only.

Meridata Dual chirp 2-8 kHz abd 10-20 kHz + SIG boomer (500-2000 Hz)."

Dec. 2017

Sistema de aquisição sísmica com SIG sparker

Energos300 + Meridata em operação no Alpha Crucis

 shared be Dr Luiz Antonio Pereira de Souza

Dec 2017

Coastal surveys with GeoLog

The Institut of Geology of Gdansk has acquired a SIG Pulse S1 boomer to operate on their dedicated boat of 7.5 m : the GeoLog

Oct 2017

Seismic survey in Viana do Castello, Portugal

Geosub  Prospecção Geomática e Ambiente, Lda has been awarded an study in the Port of Viana do Castello including a geophysical survey. Geosub has rented the SIG boomer system, from our rental pool. The quality of the data was important. On a small boat, a pole can serve as an outrigger to keep the streamer from the turbulence of the propeller's wash.

 July 2017

boomer catamaran towed on left and streamer with outrigger
boomer catamaran towed on left and streamer with outrigger

Geophysical campaign in the Ionian sea

SIG sparker and multi-channel acquisition has been used during the geophysical campaign CRACK onboard the R/V "Le Téthys II", with international teams of institutes and universities (IUEM/UBO Brest, Ifremer Brest, Univ. of Montpelliers, GEOMAR Kiel, and Univ. Kiel, Univ. Catania, Italia, and Univ. of Malta). The objective of this survey was to identify and quantify the submarine deformation alond the East coast of Sicily, in the coastal region of Etna-Catalane. 600 km of sparker profiles, in water depths of less than 150 m, have led to images of sediments over 100-200 m.


How many joules for the sparker ?

Many sparker users are inclined to boost up the power of the energy source to the maximum possible. This leads to the use of big energy sources, when the penetration obtained is not better, and can even be lesser.

Here between 1000 and 2000 joules no difference in penetration, and even lesser details in the resolution.

Stop increase the power, and start at the lowest possible !

Nov. 2016

Sparker profile in the Ajaccio Gulf
sparker data

Acoustic and seismic data to characterize the sedimentary regime of the eastern Brazilian margin

Alex Bastos and his colleagues of the Departamento de Oceanografia, Universidade Federal do Esperito Santo, in Brazil have published the results of their study on the shelf morphology as an indicator of sedimentary regimes : A synthesis from a mixed siliclastic-carbonate shelf on the eastern Brazilian margin.

The seismic data have been acquired with a SIG Pulse S1 boomer system and Meridata multi-frequency acquisition system.

march 2016

Mini-sparker over the San Andreas fault

Jackson Currie and Sam Johnson from USGS
Preparing sparker deployment

The Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center of the USGS has been using the SIG mini-sparker for more than 15 years now. During the project on the San Andreas Fault, the sparker has been widely used. "Data from the mini-sparker create an image of the cross section of the fault, revealing the structures of the sediments surrounding it" 

Image courtesy of San Andreas Fault expedition NOAA-OER


Jan. 2016

The black box below the equator line

The "black box" is now working below the equator line.

Congratulations to the SIG engineers...

"It is just a wonderful machine"

says LAPS, from first trials in Salvador, Bahia, in Brasil.

Meridata has delivered the SIG Pulse S1 boomer system to the Universite Federal de Bahia, and performed training successfully, after the craze of the football world cup !

Sept. 2014

photos courtesy : Dr Luiz Antonio Pereira de Souza

A good idea from Sweden to pull up the streamer

On board the Ocean Surveyor, the SIG 16.6x4.46 multi-channel streamer is mounted on the drum, and connected through a slip-ring. The good idea is to use a fisherman hydraulic wheel to ease the pulling up, and be gentle to the streamer.

"We will be happy to share more specific information if someone wants to mimic the idea" says Björn Bergman from the Sveriges Geologiska Undersökning (Geological survey of Sweden).

March 2014

SonarWiz now supports 24-bit analog sub-bottom interface

Chesapeake Technology Inc. (CTI), a world leader in real-time sonar acquisition and GIS based processing software for seafloor mapping, is announcing a new 24-bit analog sub-bottom SonarWiz interface (SBP24) for high resolution geophysical surveys.   SBP24 provides extremely high resolution 24-bit data at sample rates from 10 to 100kHz per channel for up to 2 channels over a standard USB 2.0 interface.  Digitized data is stored in standard SEGY floating point format.  The 24-bit data sampling provides greater dynamic range and the increased sampling rates allows for higher resolution of fine scaled sub-bottom reflectors. 

feb. 2014

LAPS in Brazil : Levantamentos geofisicos Porto Primavera jusante

Geól. Dr. Luiz Antonio Pereira de Souza
Geól. Dr. Luiz Antonio Pereira de Souza

Last summer, Geól. Dr. Luiz Antonio Pereira de Souza of the Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas do Estado de São Paulo (IPT), has been conducting a geophysical survey on the Rio Paranà and Rio Paranapanema, downstream of Porto Primavera. LAPS is using an Energos 300 with a boomer plate and streamer SIG 16.8.5, and data acquisition system from Meridata Finland. He says that "despite of the shallow water environment  is really not so good environment to make continuous seismic profiling....but yes I got some good profiles."



SIG 2 Mille Sparker Energy Source in fieldwork of GMGS

"我局自2010引进SIG 2MILLE型电火花震源以来,该震源在我局的海洋环境资源调查、工程物探调查和井场路由调查等多个野外调查项目中等到了应用,累计作业工作量上万公里,累计作业天数超过半年以上。该震源具有安装方便、操作简单、作业效果好、可以适用于多种水深条件下的勘探调查。鉴于该震源良好的使用效果和作业稳定性,我局在2012年年底又引进了2台震源。


GMGS (Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey) started to introduce Model 2 Mille Sparker energy source in 2010 from SIG, a French manufacturer, and has benefitted a lot from using it in many field investigation projects such as marine environmental resources survey, engineering geophysical survey and cable route survey, with the accumulated workload up to thousands of kilometers and work date over 6 months. This model energy source is portable to use, easy to operate, good in performance, and can be used for kinds of exploration survey in many water depth conditions.

Considering its good performance and stability, GMGS bought another two sets of same model energy sources in end 2012 and we look forward to their contribution in our future tasks."

Dec. 2012


Japan Coast Guards JCG prefers SIG 16 streamers

"The oil of the SIG 16 Streamers seems to reduce slower than
those of other manufacturers' streamers. JCG likes this very much."

Report from agent TOYO Corporation, Oct. 2012


Japan Coast Guard has adopted the SIG 16 hydrophone streamers to be used with GI gun for their new survey vessel.