and deeper water geophysics in Rio de Janeiro

And again Dr Luis Antonio Pereira de Sousa on board the RV Atlantico Sul, with FURG, IPT and CPRM.

"an excellent penetration with elc820... more than 300m  in a 600m water column".

June 2018

Shallow water geophysics in Brazil

"It is just shallow water geophysics for the team of Instituto de Pesquisas de Tecnologicas and Dr Luis Antonia Pereira de Sousa.

Taiaçupeba Lake - Suzano, Sao Paulo with 2 to 7 m depth only.

Meridata Dual chirp 2-8 kHz abd 10-20 kHz + SIG boomer (500-2000 Hz)."

Dec. 2017

Coastal surveys with GeoLog

The Institut of Geology of Gdansk has acquired a SIG Pulse S1 boomer to operate on their dedicated boat of 7.5 m : the GeoLog

Oct 2017

Seismic survey in Viana do Castello, Portugal

Geosub  Prospecção Geomática e Ambiente, Lda has been awarded an study in the Port of Viana do Castello including a geophysical survey. Geosub has rented the SIG boomer system, from our rental pool. The quality of the data was important. On a small boat, a pole can serve as an outrigger to keep the streamer from the turbulence of the propeller's wash.

 July 2017

boomer catamaran towed on left and streamer with outrigger
boomer catamaran towed on left and streamer with outrigger

Geophysical campaign in the Ionian sea

SIG sparker and multi-channel acquisition has been used during the geophysical campaign CRACK onboard the R/V "Le Téthys II", with international teams of institutes and universities (IUEM/UBO Brest, Ifremer Brest, Univ. of Montpelliers, GEOMAR Kiel, and Univ. Kiel, Univ. Catania, Italia, and Univ. of Malta). The objective of this survey was to identify and quantify the submarine deformation alond the East coast of Sicily, in the coastal region of Etna-Catalane. 600 km of sparker profiles, in water depths of less than 150 m, have led to images of sediments over 100-200 m.