When too much energy does not improve the seismic data

Always start at low power and increase gradually to see the improvement of the signal received. Too much power saturates the reception chain. Not much penetration and loss or resolution.

This experience have been given to share by KIGAM in South Korea. 

from 2000 joules to........................................6000 joules in the same area.

May 2020

Shallow seismics in Singapore

SIG's agent in Indonesia is Hydronav Services Pte Ltd. The team of Hydronav has been completing training of SIG boomer on a small boat. The boomer was driven by a SIG Pulse S1 (20-300 joules) and data acquisition done by CODA acquisition system.

and deeper water geophysics in Rio de Janeiro

And again Dr Luis Antonio Pereira de Sousa on board the RV Atlantico Sul, with FURG, IPT and CPRM.

"an excellent penetration with elc820... more than 300m  in a 600m water column".

June 2018